1. Papers in peer-reviewed journals

1.1. Papers published in 2019

Briton F, Shannon LJ, Barrier N, Verley P, Shin, Y-J. 2019. Reference levels of ecosystem indicators at multispecies maximum sustainable yield. ICES Journal of Marine Science 2019: https://doi.org/10.1093/icesjms/fsz104

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1.2. Papers accepted for publication / in press


2. Chapters in books



Lyttle CT. 2019. Analysing modelled nearshore wave climate variability and change as relevant to the traditional handline fishery off the South African south coast. MSc thesis, Department of Environmental and Geographical Sciences, University of Cape Town. 

Gammage LC. 2019. Development of a scenario-based approach for responding to change in fishery systems: a case study in the small-scale fisheries of South Africa’s southern Cape. PhD thesis, University of Cape Town, South Africa. 277 p.

Steyn C. 2019. Changes in food web structure and energy flow in kelp forest ecosystems on the south-west coast of South Africa following the invasion of Jasus lalandii. MSc thesis, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Cape Town, South Africa.

Weigum EL. 2019. Using seasonal mass-balanced models of the Algoa Bay ecosystem to investigate African penguin and small pelagic fish interactions. MSc thesis, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Cape Town, South Africa.


4. Mimeos / Working group documents / reports

Leadership is provided to the global Indicators for the Seas Working Group sponsored by IOC and EurOceans, www.IndiSeas.org.


Members of the SARCHI ME&F group contribute regularly to scientific working groups at DAFF:Fisheries and DEA:Oceans and Coasts, as well as their task teams and related workshops.


Norton M. 2019. Stilbaai Marine Protected Area - residents' perspectives. Internal report, Nov. 2019. 23 pp.