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#ECCWO5: recognition and contribution

Our hard work over the past many years has been recognised by affording us the opportunity to run a scientific session at the high-profile Symposium on the Effects of Climate Change on the World’s Ocean in Bergen at the end of April
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Gilchrist medal for Lynne

We finally managed to get a piccie of Lynne with her Gilchrist Medal, which she was awarded at the SAMSS conference this year. This is the highest honour for marine scientists in South Africa. Congratulations again, Lynne - so well deserved!
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Real conferences again, at last! 

Astrid and Lynne were invited to present prestigious plenary talks this year. At the 2022 Southern African Marine Science Symposium (SAMSS) in Durban, Astrid spoke about “A voyage to marine inter- and transdisciplinary fisheries research” a

Taking the MARIS Interactive Hub into use

Marine inter- and transdisciplinary research has finally got its own space at UCT, on the 4th floor of the John Day Biology Building, and the refurbishment is making good progress. 

Interested in joining us?

 The Eco-ACE project is offering three projects for Master's research in 2023. Find the details here. Deadline for applications 10 June 2022.

PhD Opportunity

We have funding for eligible South African candidates for research towards a PhD as part of the project "Building adaptive capacity to ocean change at multiple scales through promoting ecosystem-based adaptation and community engagement (Eco-