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Marine Biology is the study of life in the sea in all it's aspects. The Marine Biology course encompasses learning about marine life in all it's forms, from viruses to whales, and about the structure and function of various marine ecosystems, ranging from coral reefs to polar seas and from estuaries to the abyssal depths.

Oceanography focusses on understanding the physical attributes of the ocean and its interactions with the atmosphere which determine the weather and climate patterns we experience. The Ocean & Atmosphere Science course encompasses the extent of the oceans, the physical, chemical and biological properties of sea water, various atmosphere-ocean interaction and biogeochemical cycles in a variety of regions from the tropics to the polar seas and from estuaries to the abyssal depths.

To apply for these undergraduate courses at UCT, you would need to have the minimum admission and subject requirements:

  • Mathematics 70% and Physical Sciences 60%
  • *Life Sciences and Geography would also be very useful subjects to get into this field of study.
  • NBT in Mathematics, AL & QL to be written.
For more information, please read the leaflet below: 

Or you could have a read through the UCT Science Faculty Undergraduate Handbook Guide and Postgraduate Handbook Guide