UCT taught Masters Fees

The fees for 2025 are not available yet.

The 2024 fees are outlined here. Please check the fees handbook towards the end of the year for the updated costs.

For South African students:

  • Coursework fees BIO5013F + (BIO5014F or SEA5011F) + STA5014Z: R11,470 + R19,430 + R4,090 = R 34 990
  • Total paid by South African students: R 70 710

For SADC students*:

Students from SADC countries and non-South African students who do not have permanent residence but pay local fees, must pay the fee for academic courses PLUS the SADC Administrative fee of R 5,000 before registration or before the starting of the course, whichever date occurs first.

Please allow at least 14 working days for payment to reflect in UCT bank account to avoid delays in granting registration clearance.


International non-SADC students:

International students registering for coursework qualifications will be charged an International Term Fee IN ADDITION to the academic fees and the administrative fee of R5,000.

There are two bands of International Term Fee: for non-SADC African students and students from the rest of the world (i.e. outside Africa).

International Term fee for Non-SADC African students for Master’s by coursework and dissertation: R43 200.

International Term fee for International non-SADC students: R 57 900

*The initial payment due for SADC students is R35 700; the initial payment for all other International students is R73 000

For more information, visit the UCT Fees page.