The RV SA Agulhas II and MARiS are paving new ways to measure waves in the marginal ice zone. This is the result of a very active international team, that brought together researchers from Australia, South Africa and Italy. Check out the newly published article in the Journal of Glaciology.

15 March 2022 | Atmospheric drivers of a winter-to-spring Lagrangian sea-ice drift in the Eastern Antarctic marginal ice zone

Ashleigh Womack, Marcello Vichi, Alberto Alberello and Alessandro Toffoli.

To read the article, you can download the paper here.


Excitingly, the Journal of Glaciology used a picture from one of our cruises taken by Sebastian Skatulla for the cover photo: Sea ice conditions and deployment of a research buoy from a ship’s crane on a pancake floe at 62.8°S & 30.2°E.