The Q&A Booklet is an initiative led by the AtlantECO project and supported by the All-Atlantic Blue School Network, with the participation from the ASTRAL, Nautilos and AANChOR projects.

Q&A Booklet

The booklet contains questions asked by curious and enthusiastic young minds related to the following topics:

  • the ocean
  • marine research
  • inclusive sciences, focusing on women, and
  • education and careers in marine sciences

These questions were sent to marine scientists from around the globe, who have dedicated their lives to unravelling the mysteries of the deep blue. With their vast knowledge and expertise, they have crafted insightful and engaging answers, designed to satisfy your thirst for knowledge about our vast and diverse marine ecosystems. Some of these ocean professionals included researchers and communicators from UCT-MARiS who work with the AtlantECO project.


To view and download the Q&A Booklet, visit the AtlantECO website here.