Upcoming Seminars

12 Sep 2014
12 Sep 2014
Dates Speakers Topic Venue Host
26 August Dr Anne Cohen
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, USA
Persistent Multidecadal Variability in Atlantic Climate recorded in the Skeletal Bands of Tropical Corals Leslie Social Science Building, LS2A UCT Archaeology
1 September Mrs Bronwyn Maree


Birdlife SA

Significant reductions in mortality of threatened seabirds in a South African trawl fishery DAFF Fisheries Seminar Room MA-RE SANCOR
1 October Dr Alon Stern
Center for Atmospheric Ocean Science, New York University
Instability and mixing of ocean jets along an idealized Antarctic continental shelf break (abstract attached) UCT Oceanography Seminar Room UCT Oceanography
6 October Ms Sara Andreotti


Stellenbosch University and Shark Diving Unlimited

Counting white sharks – tools for the conservation and management of a vulnerable marine species DAFF Fisheries Seminar Room MA-RE SANCOR
27 October Dr Charine Collins


Oceanography Department, UCT

Mesoscale activity in the Comoros Basin UCT Oceanography Seminar Room MA-RE SANCOR
3 November Miss Robyn Payne


Department of Biodiversity and Conservation Biology, UWC

  UCT Oceanography Seminar Room MA-RE SANCOR
17 November Dr Stephane Pous


LOCEAN, Laboratory of Oceanography and Climate, France

1 December Dr Daniela Maldini


SeaSearch Africa