AOS Postgraduate Thando Mazomba becomes a youth ambassador for the All-Atlantic Ocean 2020/2021 cohort.

29 Apr 2021
UCT’s trio of All-Atlantic Ocean Youth Ambassadors (from left) Kirstin Petzer, Thando Mazomba and Dr Marissa Brink-Hull, at the Two Oceans Aquarium.
29 Apr 2021


Alongside two other UCT ambassadors Dr Marissa Brink-Hull and Kirstin Petzer, Applied Ocean Sciences postgraduate Thando Mazomba will be expanding awareness of the Atlantic Ocean and its important role as a sustainable resource and climate regulator.

Through her participation in the AtlantECO project and her research within the Whales and Climate Research Programme, Thando Mazomba has developed a deep interest for conservation. Representing South Africa in an international marine scene comes with responsabilities that Thando firmly embrace:

" Being an ambassador for South Africa is incredibly affirming to the work that I do and believe in."

Find more information on her role as an ambassador in this article celebrating Earth Day, where she also discusses socioeconomic barriers, inclusivity and positive change.