ESKOM Cape Town Science Expo 2023 for Young Scientists

27 Sep 2023
Eskom expo
27 Sep 2023

A group of dedicated researchers from the multidisciplinary UCT-MARiS sea ice collective eagerly embraced the opportunity to serve as judges and a convener (Robyn Verrinder, Senior Lecturer from the Department of Electrical Engineering) for the ESKOM Cape Town Science Expo 2023 for Young Scientists on the 22nd of August.

Eskom Expo Judges

Each year, the Expo is tailored to showcase the innovative projects of Grade 6 to 11 students over a range of categories from engineering to social science. These passionate scientists and engineers, each a specialist in their respective fields, brought a wealth of expertise and enthusiasm to the event. The expo is aimed to inspire the next generation of young scientists, engineers and researchers offering insightful feedback. Judges were reminded of the immense value in fostering young minds, a testament to the importance of education and mentorship as the youth navigate the complex world of research with determination and resilience.

Exciting news is that it was Cape Town Expo's 40th birthday this year and over 400 projects enteredThe event took place in the UCT Sports Centre, Upper Campus on 21 - 23 August 2023. The researchers from MARiS became the forefront in helping to shape a future where scientific exploration knows no bounds and the young scientists become the driving force behind the solutions to our world’s most pressing challenges. The MARiS researchers expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to participate in such an event and hope they inspired a few students to bring their budding minds, passion and perseverance to MARiS in the future.

If anyone may be interested in getting involved in the next Eskom Science Expo, please contact the head convenor, Olga Peel for more details and sign up to be a judge or convenor via email: