Dr Emma Rocke

Junior Research Fellow

Emma is marine biologist with a passion for microbial community dynamics in ocean ecosystems. She strives for a holistic approach to answering scientific questions through collaborations with microbiologists, ecologists, and physical oceanographers. Currently focusing on the effects of a microbial parasite on harmful algae blooms in the Southern Benguela ecosystem.

Now more than ever she is learning how critical it is to get a handle on what exactly all of these tiny organisms are actually doing in our oceans. As well as absorbing most of the atmospheres CO2, if the oceans keep warming and acidifying they have the potential to create a negative feedback system and emit rather than absorb greenhouse gases, for example... We don't know nearly enough to predict how they will react to future climate scenarios. 

We use molecular techniques to answer many of our questions. This is a field that evolves on a yearly basis, so keeping on top of all the new technology and bioinformatics (including AI!) is almost a full time job on its own.

Emma also serves as the Scientific Steering Committee Chairman.