Prof Marcello Vichi

Director of UCT-MARiS, Professor and Head of Oceanography Department

Marcello Vichi holds a PhD in Marine Ecology and Biogeochemistry. Prof Vichi has been working in numerical modelling of the Earth system from the global to the regional scales. He was one of the developers of the Biogeochemical Flux Model (, and of the CMCC Earth System Model. After 20 years of model applications he turned his scientific interest towards the Southern Ocean and polar sciences, with a focus on Antarctic sea ice and its impact on climate and biogeochemistry. He organized and conducted scientific expeditions in the Southern Ocean marginal ice zone to expand our knowledge on winter processes. He is PI of international and national research projects dealing with polar climate, ocean biogeochemical modelling and climate change impacts on marine ecosystems. His research interests embrace numerical modelling of coupled physical/biogeochemical processes in the global ocean, sea ice dynamics and biogeochemistry, climate change impacts on marine ecosystems and process studies of physical-biogeochemical interactions at all scales.