Dr Natasha Karenyi

Lecturer and Researcher

Research Interests

Natasha is a marine benthic ecologist from the UCT Department of Biological Sciences with a particular focus on unconsolidated sediment habitats. She is also interested in marine biodiversity research, utilizing new or uncommon statistical methods to analyse marine biodiversity data to answer ecological and conservation questions. She is also a core team member of the centre for Statistics in Ecology, Environment and Conservation (SEEC). Natasha also sits on SANBIā€™s Marine Ecosystem Classification Committee who is tasked with updating the marine ecosystem classification and map for the National Biodiversity Assessment. Through UCT-MARiS, she works closely with the research foci, "Marine Research on the southern African margin" and contributes to AtlantECO project by looking at the environmental regulation of coastal areas in the context of ocean shelf mining.