A three minute screen production filmed by students from the UCT Centre for Film and Media Studies in October 2023 featuring Marine Microbiologist from UCT-MARiS and UCT Department of Biological Sciences, Dr Emma Rocke and her students, Dr Nicole Dames (PostDoc Student) and Mr Samuel Bankole Babajide (Masters Student).

In the short documentary, titled "Hold Your Breath", Emma shares about the work that she focusses on in her marine microbiology research and briefly covers the significance of marine microbes in the ocean and how they influence the natural phenomenon "Red Tides" and how climate change impacts marine microbiomes.

For more information, please contact Dr Emma Rocke via email: emma.rocke@uct.ac.za.


University of Cape Town Centre for Film and Media Studies

  • Producer: Julia Leisegang
  • Director and Scriptwriter: Tate Haarhoff
  • Director of Photography: Haziq Biggs
  • Editor: Julia Leisegang
  • Sound Designer & Editing Assistant: Gia Barbosa
  • Executive Producer: Julia Cain