Today, technology has made things work a lot easier in terms of sharing our science and reaching wider audiences. The MARiS ECR committee, represented by MARiS ECR Comms Rep, Dr Kathryn Morrissey joined up with the Marine Chatties and ran a collaborative seminar sharing the importance of science communication and various ways of sharing and effectively communicating our valuable research. There's a range of tools and software that one could use to create content and share your research with ease. For those who missed out on the seminar, please check out this recording for more tips and tricks shared by Kathryn.



Some highlights from the seminar:



Before we start communicating our science, we need to know the:

  1. Why?
  2. Who?
  3. What?
  4. How?

Our world is VISUAL – so we feel it's best to use images to capture and hold our audience’s attention when communicating our science.





Keep things SIMPLE:

Slow down
Multiple approaches
End well





For some more information on "The Dilution Effect" discussed in the seminar, check out this TEDx Talk by Niro Sivanathan, who shares about using psychology tactics to be more persuasive when communicating your research.




Stay tuned for more!

We hope to host a Part 2 for this seminar, where we can provide you with an environment to practically create your own visuals together with the help of Kathryn and the MARiS Science Communication Team. Kathryn will also create a "cheat sheet" to provide you with links and tips to the coolest tools and platforms for creating your SciComm visuals.

In the meantime, go and try it out and have fun!