A powerhouse of co-authors from different career stages and geographies put this review together with the intention to summarise all the conversations and actions (for research community, funding agencies, institutions and publishers) we can all take to achieve equity and justice in ocean sciences. Check out the newly published article in npj Ocean Sustainability.

13 December 2023 | Towards equity and justice in ocean sciences.

Asha de VosSergio Cambronero-SolanoSangeeta MangubhaiLeila NefdtLucy C. Woodall & Paris V. Stefanoudis 

To read the article, you can download the paper here.

de Vos et al 2023 Abstract


The global scientific community is currently going through a self-reckoning in which it is questioning and re-examining its existing practices, many of which are based on colonial and neo-colonial perceptions. This is particularly acute for the ocean research community, where unequal and unbalanced international collaborations have been rife. Consequently, numerous discussions and calls have been made to change the current status quo by developing guidelines and frameworks addressing the key issues plaguing our community. Here, de Vos et al. provide an overview of the key topics and issues that the scientific community has debated over the last three to four years, with an emphasis on ocean research, coupled with actions per stakeholder groups (research community, institutions, funding agencies, and publishers). The authors also outline some key discussions that are currently missing and suggest a path forward to tackle these gaps. They hope this contribution will further accelerate efforts to bring more equity and justice into ocean sciences.

de Vos et al 2023
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